Exalt Couture

Exalt Couture started out as a small company on Etsy crafting hand-made jewelry from semi precious gemstones. Crafted by Brooke, her design interests are global but reflect an urban feel that is culturally diverse, and infused with a lot of artistic inspiration. Her designer jewelry fuses Old World aesthetics with New World fashion, resulting in breathtakingly unique, and contrasting wearable pieces of art.


As her demand grew and Etsy’s online marketplace began to saturate with other jewelry designers, Brooke needed to expand into her own online store! We developed her brand identity and designed a commerce website to bring her fan base directly to her products. She has increased sales and through her collaboration with retailers across the United States and abroad has crafted new partnerships to showcase her products at boutiques and large retail stores.


2014, 2015


Identity, Web Design