Meet the Team

Founded in 2008, we are an independent international creative agency that has accomplished small to complex digital and traditional advertising for a wide range of industries. Founders Ash-Marie and Guillaume believe in creating partnerships, think of us as your creative department that can take your company to the next level. We want you to stand out from your competition and that’s why we design each project to be unique. We are a highly experienced team of professionals that understand advertising, marketing, web design and brand development.

Art Director

Born in Le Havre, the second largest port in France, Guillaume has grown up in a creative family complete with artists, poets and philosophers. He has lived and traveled most of the world and has a personal understanding of culture and developing new concepts. Guillaume graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and Design. His clean and well-developed print designs have won multiple ADDY awards. Guillaume drives business success with his approach towards clean branding and eye-catching style. As one of the founders, he is also deeply involved in the ongoing creative development for all our brands. He has an extensive portfolio ranging from digital and print platforms.

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Digital Director

Ash-Marie started her career in ecommerce because of the perfect blend between web design, technology and consumer behavior. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and Web Development. Her passion for design started early on and long before the end of college she already had multiple ADDY awards and character achievements. As one of the founders, she continues to push for innovation and is responsible for development of web strategies. Most of her free time is spent as a motivational speaker educating young professionals on strategic advertising efforts.

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Sourcing Consultant

Gerald is a highly motivated individual that always exceeds client expectations by bringing a technical view while managing many projects. He has completed his Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Operations & Information Technology Management. His background in business development solutions, effective team management and B2B sales allows him to manage multiple assignments. Gerald is the go-to-guy for everything from keeping the account on track for deliverables to project improvements. He is committed to development and growth of sales and makes a real difference throughout each project.

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Featured Graphic Designer

Taylor is a seasoned designer for a wide range of media and has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design. She started her career designing logos and brand identity for start-ups, she has since gained an audience for her traditional artwork. She displays strong organizational, technical and interpersonal skills. As an artist she strives for consistency and movement throughout every project.

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Featured Video Editor

Leah specializes in a wide range of digital film-making and video production. She is a featured video editor because of her experience operating digital and video cameras along with her high-quality video editing skills. She has formal education with Adobe Master Collection and Apple Final Cut Studio. Leah graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Video and Film-making.

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