What we are about

Founded in 2008 by Ash-Marie Evans and Guillaume Duvernois, Artlanta is an international creative agency that excels in branding, marketing, and web development. We offer both digital and traditional advertising services for individuals and companies.


Originally, Artlanta’s founders were designing innovative campaigns for large retailers and global manufactures but changed their focus towards consulting new companies and individuals. They noticed individuals and start-ups struggled the most to craft the right branding and build successful marketing strategies. Through consulting best practices and being part of the early brand development process they were able to guide many companies towards success. We continue to build on on their passion for design done right because design is one aspect of a company that sets it apart from their competition.


Aside from our build process there is an enormous level of detail, planning and head scratching that goes into every one of our projects for both web and/or print. One of our goals for a successful campaign is to quickly attract and engage the consumer. Web pages are designed so products can be viewed and specific services outlined. By having a polished website, potential customers will be drawn to it and share it with others furthering your business. We have effective strategies to accomplish your project within budget and on-time.


Our creativity is unlimited. We develop unique and dynamic content to craft the best concept on every project.


We are the partner that can scale your business by developing solutions to meet all your marketing needs.


Armed with game-changing insight we can uncover new opportunities. From start to finish we always strategize for innovation.


We can create meaningful and positive engagement with your target demographic by intergreting an omni-channel model to lead them towards actionable results.


Don't shy away from analytics! We turn data into opportunity! We go beyond traditional reporting and provide detailed insight across all of your media.


It's important to identify and stay relevant on digital and industry trends. We provide comprehensive solutions to a wide variety of business challenges and offer educational seminars.

Our Mission

Artlanta’s mission is to help a company discover its idenity and build a sense of purpose that transcends marketing to achieve the highest level of innovation for its audience. To accomplish this we are dedicated to offering the best brand-building strategies that is right for your budget and return of investment.

Why & How We Do It

  • Research

    We immerse ourselves in the client's needs; qualitative and quantitative research is done to understand each need and the competition. This data defines each step and its purpose!

  • Concept

    We work closely with our client and team to create ideas that drive value and navigate how to proceed with positioning your company. This is when we define the best strategic and creative fit.

  • Create

    True fun begins when we integrate content with imagery to position each campaign and social integration. The core of our thought process is shown in the creative design process.

  • Develop

    We will deliver working templates, brand guidelines, and or formatted digitals so that your brand style is easily implemented and communicated, both internally and externally.

  • Test

    Once we generate bold solutions we want to ensure your advertising, social media, and design is effective, thus we test so that the best engagement is in focus.

Featured Clients

Artlanta is influenced by the global market including diverse economies, cultures, colors, designs, media and technology. We have an insatiable desire for absorbing and sharing innovative emerging media concepts to all sectors. Many of our clients are from different industries including Television, Government, Tourism, Food, Education, Entertainment, Retail, Health & Beauty, B2B, and Sports. Our creativity is unlimited. We grow small brands to world class brands.